Mechanical Presses

1 SanGiacomo 200tons
1 SanGiacomo 130tons
1 SanGiacomo 100tons
1 Legnani a (clutch) 80tons(*)
2 Legnani a (clutch) 63tons
2 San Giacomo a (clutch) 63tons(*)
1 Agostino Colombo a (clutch) 63tons
1 Agostino Colombo a (clutch) 40tons

Hydraulic Presses

Gigant (normal with photo-cells ) 2 columns 200 tons
Gigant 150 tons

Screw compressor

1 Fini power 40 hp
1 Fini power 25hp

The company is also equipped with an important tools’ department (lathe, milling machines, surface grinders for grinding )
necessary for the maintenance and repair of moulds.
All mechanical presses described have a security device (limit switch).
All the machines are set up with an advanced system to carry out the work and tape shearing.
All presses highlighted with (*) are equipped with an inclination able to improve the expulsion of the worked piece.