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We are specialized manufacturers of components for handles, lockers, hinges and panic bars.
We can also provide ready to assemble padding or casing for irons.
Furthermore, we can help our customers in getting complex finished components, handling material supply and transformation process.

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The story of Miscugli Srl

The company’s history: it’s officially born in 1959, when  from the idea of his founder Sergio Miscugli, opened in Spadini Street   in the popular neighbourhood Santa Viola in Bologna, the small and historical workshop mainly specialised in construction of molds and equipment, for the stamping of hot plastics materials on  behalf of third parties; after a few years the workshop has built moreover molds for plastics and cutting molds metal bending and under the persistent request of some customers, as well as molding, shearing and tape sheet drawing, starting a limited production on small tonnage mechanical presses.
In the flamboyant economic event of the 1960’s, the company grew in organic sales and turnover.In 1977 Bruno Miscugli became a new partner of the society , he is the older brother of the founder, thus transforming the name of the company in “F.lli Miscugli Snc”.


Our Values

Miscugli SRL is supporting and rewarding its global workforce able to guarantee through full engagement and responsibility the good fate and the growth of the company in the full respect of its rules.

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Workshop Specialized in Metal Construction, Equipment and Shearing Metals

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